download i2p free download. BlackBelt WASTE - ipv4 / Tor / i2p A WASTE client. Download and create your own WASTE networks. For Windows XP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Win

I2P Browser - I2P I2P Firefox Profile for Windows: If you are using Windows, the recommended way of accessing I2P is using the Firefox profile. I2P in Private Browsing Mode for Firefox: This cross-platform webextension configures an isolated contextual identity for using I2P and for each I2P application. It was designed to work with or without I2P Browser. Download - I2P Download the file to your I2P installation directory and rename as (alternately, you can get the source as above and run "ant updater", then copy the resulting to your I2P installation directory). You do NOT need to unzip the file. Klicke "Restart"

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Jul 03, 2020

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What is I2P: How to install + Use, Garlic Routing