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Mar 09, 2020 How does a VPN work? - Norton VPN basics. A VPN enables you to connect to the internet in an encrypted fashion. Encryption adds security and privacy, which is especially important when using public Wi-Fi. That’s because identity thieves and other cybercriminals often target public Wi-Fi to steal the personal information you send and receive while on those types of networks. Remote-access VPN | HowStuffWorks A remote-access VPN allows individual users to establish secure connections with a remote computer network. Those users can access the secure resources on that network as if they were directly plugged in to the network's servers. An example of a company that needs a remote-access VPN is a large firm with hundreds of salespeople in the field. Another name for this type of VPN is virtual private

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If you can find a VPN with an exit point in your destination country, you could try signing up with that VPN service, using its exit point in Europe, and then connecting to your work VPN. Setting up a double VPN can be a pain (I've never actually done it), but it's still less of a pain than showing up in Europe and having to call your boss What is a VPN and How Does it Work? [Video Explainer