Configuration Editor. The Configuration Editor is a relatively new feature in IIS that provides an administrator access to all the elements contained within the applicationHost.config.You may have experienced in the past that there are some configurations that cannot be performed from within the IIS Management console or that the place to make the modification was not easily found.

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WIF / VS2010 Service Configuration Editor

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After you install the Windows SDK, connect to the client configuration that you created in step 1. Then repeat steps 2 and 3 to open the Microsoft Service Configuration Editor. In the Configuration area, click Bindings > QueryServiceEndpoint (netTcpBinding). On the Bindings tab, modify the following properties:

WCF - Microsoft Service Configuration Editor – Services Dec 24, 2007 AX2012: Service Configuration Editor | Goshoom.NET Dev Blog Service Configuration Editor displays elements as a tree structure, shows available properties in a well arranged way, offers available values in combo boxes and so on. This is a part of Ax32Serv.exe.config displayed by Service Configuration Editor: Service Configuration Editor can be run by several means: