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Netflix PS4 Australia - Get Netflix On PS4 In order to get the same content as Netflix US, you might want to try using a simple DNS redirecting product like Unblock-Us. It works by redirecting you through its own DNS server and taking you to Netflix with an IP address that is American. When Netflix sees this American IP address, it automatically forwards you to the American content library. What's New On Netflix Canada On Steroids - How To Get Since you likely found this because you were searching for a list of what’s new on Netflix Canada I suggest you’ll give this trick because once you have access to the American version of Netflix you won’t be nearly as likely to be searching for a TV show of movie to watch anytime soon.

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How to get Netflix on your PS3 or apple tv or any device in saudi arabia (7 days free trial) Is using Unblock-Us to watch American Netflix (from Canada) illegal? Best Horror Films On Netflix US Netflix on the PS3 ? | AVForums Nov 06, 2013 I can't get on Netflix on my PS3.? | Yahoo Answers Nov 22, 2013 Netflix (latino america) en consola PS3. - video dailymotion