Well, net user command supports most of the user account related operations that we can do from Control Panel-> User accounts in GUI. It supports password reset, locking or unlocking user accounts, adding users to groups etc. One thing the GUI supports and net user command does not support is renaming user accounts. Still, there is a way to do

How To Rename A User Account In Windows 10 Dec 06, 2017 How to ReName a File or Folder in Mac OS X Mar 18, 2010

Dec 21, 2015 · The Computer Management console should open. Expand System Tools-> Local Users and Groups-> Users and you’ll see a list of local user accounts in the right pane. Right-click on the local account you wish to rename, and then select Rename from the drop-down context menu. Once you click on the Rename option, you will be able to edit the account

Install the Linux rename utility - Mac OS X Hints The unix commands that operate on files (mv and rm for example) have always handled resource forks under Mac OS X. They operate on directory entires, and despite appearances, there is only one directory entry for a Mac OS X file, whether iot has a data fork, resource fork or both. Mac: How to delete a user on macOS - 9to5Mac

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