Firefox Password Manager keeps all your passwords so you can log in automatically, or find saved passwords easily. For super security, give your computer a master password . Password magician

When using Mozilla Firefox, your password vault is your home base for everything you’ve saved including passwords, secure notes, and credit card information. Usually, you can manually add your passwords to your vault, or it will automatically capture account passwords when you enter them on every website as you browse in Google Chrome. How to Store Passwords in Your Internet Browser - dummies The User Names and Passwords On Forms check box controls whether Internet Explorer fills in your stored passwords on forms. Click OK to close the AutoComplete Settings dialog box, and click OK again to close the Internet Options dialog box. Storing passwords in Chrome. The Chrome settings for remembering passwords are more like those in Firefox. A Quick Guide to Manage All Your Saved Firefox Passwords The Firefox Lockbox app (iOS, Android) captures the logins of the page you have stored in Firefox and displays you on iOS or Android devices to websites. Firefox manufacturer Mozilla claims that to secure your saved passwords, it utilizes several distinct encryption techniques.

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