Click on the Install button. The Authenticate dialog box will open. Enter the administrative password. Click on the Authenticate button. TeamViewer will be installed. The status within the Ubuntu Software Center changes to Installed. TeamViewer is installed on your Ubuntu system and can be started from the menu. Related topics

Install MEAN Stack on Ubuntu 18.04 (4 Steps) - Hostwinds Install MEAN Stack on Ubuntu 18.04 (4 Steps) Share This Article [TheChamp-Sharing] What is the MEAN Stack? The MEAN stack has been quickly rising in popularity as a rubust Javascript-based development stack. The name MEAN referes to its components; MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. How To Install Zabbix Server on Ubuntu 20.04 – TecAdmin Jul 23, 2020 How to install TeamViewer on Ubuntu - TeamViewer Community

Apr 28, 2020

How to Install osTicket System on Ubuntu 18.04 | 16.04 Dec 19, 2019

If you want to install third party softwares for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware and media codes, then mark the checkbox in step 2. Once you’re done, click on Continue. Select Erase disk and install Ubuntu MATE if you want to erase your entire hard drive and install Ubuntu MATE.

Mar 07, 2019